2020 Holiday Session

Join us this Holiday Season for 10 workouts for the whole family!  Our socially distant, outdoor, open-aired program will keep your fit, in-shape, and maintaining social connections with friends and teammates.

The workouts will be offered at the same time, with 3 levels of difficulty:

  • Family Friendly: These workouts are introductory technique on the rowing machines with elements of cross training.
  • Gym Class Heroes!: These workouts will be both on the rowing machine and with body weights. Families are invited to complete these workouts together, and while no rowing experience will be necessary, fitness and previous workout experience would be helpful!
  • Hardcore: These challenging workouts are still for the whole family, but will be pretty hard. Come ready to work.

The cost of this program will be $150 for 10 sessions.  All sessions will take place at the SRA Boathouse.  The session dates are as follows (and subject to change):

  • Dec 1st, 4pm-5:30pm
  • Dec 3rd, 5:15-6:45pm
  • Dec 5th, 9:30am-11am
  • Dec 8th, 4pm-5:30pm
  • Dec 10th, 5:15-6:45pm
  • Dec 12th, 9:30am-11am
  • Dec 15th, 4pm-5:30pm
  • Dec 17th, 5:15-6:45pm
  • Dec 19th, 9:30am-11am
  • Dec 22nd, 4pm-5:30pm

Will there be an at-home training plan between seasons/during the Holiday Session? 

Please ask your coach if your squad has a training plan between sessions. Some teams will have a training plan and also an alternate running workout if no access to erg. 


Can you do the “Family Plan” without your family?

Yes! Our holiday session is structured to have multiple workout options that the whole family can have fun with, but your family is not required to attend Holiday Session practices. 


When does winter start?

Our post-fall rowing experience has two phases with different start dates:

  • The Holiday session starts Dec. 2nd and runs until December 22nd
  • Winter training starts Jan. 4th and will run continuously until the end of our Spring season


When does registration open for each session?

  • Registration for the  Holiday session is now open - you can register here!
  • Winter training registration will be announced via email and social media - keep an eye out! 


Do I have to wear a mask?

Any time we are indoors, and outdoors without social distancing, you will be required to wear a mask. 


Will all workouts be outside this winter? What spaces will we use?

  • Holiday session workouts will be in the boathouse bays and in the pavilion with heaters on, with doors open. Athletes can anticipate having their own personal workout space to maintain distancing. We will have a limited number of people per bay. When the weather permits, we can workout outside! 
  • Winter session workouts will also use the upstairs weight room in addition to the bays and pavilions (masks on and doors open!). The upstairs weight room air filtration system is equipped with a MERV-1 filter in accordance with NY State gym guidelines. Athletes can also anticipate having their own personal workout space to maintain distancing. 


What types of workouts will we do in winter training?

Our winter workouts include erging, weights, and circuits. When weather permits, we will include running and other outdoor work!


Do we have to use port-o-potties in the freezing cold?

With our permission to use the indoors, we will be able to use the bathrooms, one person maximum at a time. 


I’m coming from school, can I change in the bathroom?

No, please continue arriving in your training clothes as you did during the Fall season!  


Is there a certain temperature where we will not come to practice?

Outdoor activities will not happen under 25-degree real-feel temp. Indoor activities will continue unless coaches determine it is too far below for our heaters to keep up.


Will practice be canceled if it is raining/snowing?

Outdoor activities may be canceled if it is raining and cold. If for any reason practice needs to be altered or canceled your coach will be in contact with you to communicate the plan!


What will the schedule be like?

The Holiday session is three days per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) with two ergs and one cross-training workout per week. For winter training starting in January, The Varsity women can plan on erging 3 days per week, one long lift, 2 short lifts, 1 cross train/circuit The Freshman women can anticipate a similar workout structure to the Varsity women. 


What time is practice?

Holiday session workout times are as follows:

  • Tuesday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Thursday 5:15 PM - 6:45 PM
  • Saturday 9:30 PM - 11:00 AM

Winter session workout times will be announced when registration is announced!


Can we remove masks for water?

Yes, briefly if you are socially distanced.


Can we fill our water bottles at the boathouse?

Yes, you can use the bathroom sinks or the water fountain.


Where will we store our “stuff” at practice?

Your items will stay inside your assigned box for the practice! Each athlete will be assigned a 150 sq.ft. box that will include the necessary equipment for your practice


Will I be responsible for cleaning my erg or will a coach be cleaning it?

The equipment will be cleaned by the coaching staff between usages

Ready to register?

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