A statement from SRA

June 6, 2020

There is a great line in a book I recently read that reads: “What you ignore, you permit. What you permit, you condone.” More recently, this has been translated as: “Silence is as good as violence.” Saratoga Rowing stands in solidarity with the Black Community. Rowing is a predominantly white sport, and we understand we have […]

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Update on Saratoga Regattas & NY State Scholastic Championship

April 6, 2020

To all those who love to race in Saratoga, I hope this email finds you in good health, physically and emotionally. I am writing to tell you that it was recently announced that the Stotesbury Cup (Philadelphia, PA), SRAA Scholastic Championships (Camden, NJ), USRowing U15/U17 Championships (Camden, NJ), and the USRowing Youth Championships (Sarasota, FL) […]

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Thoughts to share as the PAUSE is extended through April 15

March 30, 2020

SRA friends and family, I hope this email finds you happy, healthy and fit.  I learned this morning of a very interesting ”outbreak” of laughter back in 1962.  It started in Jan and spread across parts of Africa causing the schools to close. That spring 14 schools were closed.  (google Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic). I was […]

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Update – Regattas

March 26, 2020

SRA Family, I hope this finds you in good health, physically and emotionally. I am writing to tell you that it was announced today that the Stotesbury Cup, SRAA Scholastic Championships, USRowing U15/U17 Championships, and the USRowing Youth Championships have been cancelled.   These were obviously devastating announcements and represent the end of many of the […]

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Office Update

March 22, 2020

Dear SRA Families, In an effort to keep you informed in this time of uncertainty here is an update of SRA office logistics. We already run a very tight ship when it comes to budgeting and running programs as efficiently as possible and yet this week we looked for even more ways to tighten the […]

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SRA Update > COVID-19

March 18, 2020

SRA Friends and Family, We sincerely hope this email finds you well and in a deeper understanding of community and the need for strong community than ever before.  SRA, like everyone, is in a waiting period as we figure out how we will navigate the remainder of our spring season. At this point, we must […]

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